Friday, November 21, 2008

On Sunday, October 26, Sara Swain and I volunteered to mow a woman's yard. This woman has cancer, is on chemo and an oxygen tank, and recently received, from the City of Tulsa, a ten day notice to get her yard cleaned up or be fined. We heard this woman needed help while working two days before at Our House Too, the AIDS safe house we have been spending most our fifth days working. After speaking to her, hearing her story, and walking away in tears, we made plans to work on the yard the following Sunday morning. We worked on this yard relentlessly for hours, along with one of the guys who runs Our House Too and my father who volunteered his services and yard equipment. We got the front and side of her yard mowed, raked, and bagged. I cannot explain the mess this yard was in because of the months of neglect due to the physical inability this woman had. This was one of my favorite projects I have participated in so far because it was amazing to see this woman who thinks we were "her answered prayer" be so thankful so something that I thought was just something that needed to be done. I truly believe we made a difference for this woman.
Samantha Young
Team Tulsa

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